This is the site of the Night Rustics, those men who flew the O-2A in combat over Cambodia as United States Air Force FACs (Forward Air Controllers).

This web site is that of the Rustic FAC Association, the parent unit of the Night Rustics and of those Air Force pilots, interpreters, and intelligence personnel who flew “out country” in Cambodia from June 20, 1970, until the last day of the War in Southeast Asia on August 15, 1973. The Rustic FAC Association also includes in its membership others to include men who maintained our aircraft.

Dr. Jon McCone, Jr., is an excellent photographer who specializes in diverse underwater environments. His expertise has, in part, inspired me to take my own photography to the next level.

Jacki Fink is the owner of Think Tank Creative. She is highly creative and a true professional. She listened to what I desired for my web site and was both timely and responsive to my requests. I look forward to working with her in the future, as my business grows and I add to my site.

Several fine tapas restaurants are located in the Tidewater area of Virginia, which are owned by my good friend, Bob Glover, and his son, Chris. Crackers and Empire are both in Norfolk, Six is located in Phoebus, and Pacifica is in Virginia Beach. The atmosphere, quality of food and drink, and service are all excellent.

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