Lights Out – Destination Darkness/America’s Unknown War: Cambodia

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Lights Out – Destination Darkness/America’s Unknown War: Cambodia

ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4415-5318-8
Softcover 978-1-4415-5317-1

From Inside Front Jacket Cover:

“From June 20, 1970, until noon on August 15, 1973, the United States fought a war in Cambodia, which was hidden from the American public. For almost three and one half years, President Richard Nixon waged this war, a large part of which was conducted as the Rustic Operation, against the Khmer Rouge, NVA [North Vietnamese Army], and VC [Viet Cong].

“It took over twenty-five years to have the majority of the Rustic Operation declassified. Even today, the United States government and the Department of the Air Force still disavow this part of our War in Southeast Asia – known to most as the Vietnam War. Members of Congress and the Air Force continue to take steps to taint and diminish the service of those veterans who flew their combat missions across the “fence,” the imaginary line that comprised the border of South Vietnam and Cambodia. Yet the lessons to be learned and a comprehensive review of our mistakes, as well as our successes, have been set aside in the interest of protecting political legacies. Tragic consequences have resulted. This book begins to tell the truths about America’s Unknown War: Cambodia.”

— Don Mercer, Rustic 41

“Lights Out – Destination Darkness” gives any reader who has an open mind the realities of the “Southeast Asia War Games.”

-– Noel Wayne Baker, Rustic 22

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